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Pretzilla® Cheese-Filled Bites Tub (Pack)

Pretzilla® Cheese-Filled Bites Tub (Pack)


Soft Pretzel bread bites filled with creamy cheddar cheese. Boom. Drop the mic.

Alright. No need to get wordy here. We took our light and airy Pretzilla soft pretzel bread bites, filled them with a creamy cheddar cheese goodness, and changed the world of pretzel snacks forever. Need we say more?

So, what makes Pretzilla so delicious?

Our bakery has been around for almost 100 years. We’ve baked French bread, sesame bread, wheat bread, brioche bread, sweet bread… you name it. But we’ve always believed that premium pretzel bread—when done right—is the best bread in the world. We spent years crafting the perfect soft pretzel bread—a bread with a chewy outside and a soft, airy, just-the-right-touch-of-sweetness inside. The result: A big, bad, super tasty pretzel bread that goes by the name of Pretzilla. Try our new Pretzilla Cheese-Filled Pretzel Bites -- perfect for snacking, party appetizers, kids lunches, after school snacks, and on-the-go hunger situations. They are delicious on their own, and even more delicious when you heat them up!

Bites with benefits

Aside from being big-time tasty, Pretzilla is also freshly baked with simple, honest ingredients.

  • Allergen friendly (Produced in a nut-free facility)
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No trans fats
  • Contains approximately 24 bites
  • Can eat at room temperature or heated

    Please Note: Pretzilla® ships fresh. Please enjoy our products within two days of receiving or freeze immediately.


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